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Father Bob Wild
Pax Caritas
Fr. Bob Wild is presently residing at the main center of the Madonna House community in Combermere, Ontario, Canada. Hundreds of visitors come to this center each year to experience the MH way of life. The Gospel, Catherine taught, is fundamentally a way of life, before it is a doctrine or teaching. Our guests are fully immersed in our work, prayer, and recreation. Often lives are visibly changed as people come in contact with a Catholic milieu that mediates the saving healing power of Christ. Many priests come as well. Fr.Bob will be living at Vianney House, the priest guest house. He extends a special invitation to his brother priests to come and experience the MH way of life.
About Madonna House

Madonna House is one of the new communities in the Catholic Church composed of laymen, laywomen and priests. It was founded by Catherine de Hueck Doherty in Toronto, Ontario, in the early 1930's . She opened what she called 'Friendship Houses', centres of love and concern for those in need.

Our apostolate is engaged in all spiritual and corporal works of mercy, but the main work of each house, to quote Catherine, "rests in the love its members have for one another".

Canonically, Madonna House is a Public Association of the faithful under the Bishop of Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. The members take lifetime promises of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Besides North America, there are houses in Brazil, Russia, France, Belgium, Africa and England.


Fr. Bob Wild
Father Bob