Prayer to Catherine of Combermere


Dear Catherine of the moment. You, more than most,
understand the quietness and smallness of
Nazareth. Please come to my aid and comfort.

Somehow, in spite of my love for God, his Mother, and
you, I have lost my way. My hope is weak, my faith is
taunted, and my dreams, dear Catherine, my dreams
lie shattered.

Is this his plan for me? Then I accept his will. If
it is not, would you plead my cause before the throne of
God, and by your holy and practical intercession
restore peace to my heart and strength to my faith.

Most particularly, would you intercede for me.
(Here state your special intentions.) I love you,
Catherine. I wish to stay close to you. Please hear
my plea and speed relief to me even as I pray this
simple prayer to you, a simple woman. Let me hear
Godís call as you did.


. . . o o o . . .